About Us

Updated Thursday January 26, 2017 by Corinthains FC.

Corinthians FC (formally CAA) is a registered non-profit soccer organization located in San Jose, CA. We are committed to teaching and playing the game of soccer in a Godly way, and as such we train our athletes to model Christ. 

We want to model Christ inwardly, by making Godly decisions. Think of soccer as a life labratory. In any given season exist opportunities to practice Christ-like responses to a myriad of situations: victory, defeat, success, frustration, etc. Every practice, every game is an opportunity for CAA players and parents alike to model Christ inwardly by the choices we make.

We also want to model Christ outwardly, by loving our neighbors as ourselves. As Christians, we know God did not create us to go through life alone, and soccer is one of the biggest community building sports there is! People come together in larger numbers over the World Cup than they do over the Super Bowl. CAA strives to cultivate a strong community through soccer. We want to connect with others, building bridges through soccer that Jesus can walk across.