Youth Comp Program

Corinthians FC - What's in a Name?

Updated Thursday June 22, 2017 by Christian Athletic Association.

Corinthians F.C.

All of the CAA Comp teams operate under the name “Corinthians F.C.”


This name was strategically chosen, and is one that we believe helps our comp program fulfill its purpose of building His kingdom through soccer.


Why "Corinthians F.C."?

  • "Corinthians" is a name with a positive vibe, both secularly & within the church.

  • It is the name of a big pro soccer team in Brazil.

  • "Corinthians" is term used for amateur sportsman, who play for the love of the game not for personal gain.

  • Is perceived as a neutral name, which is good for our Missions Teams in gaining access to "closed" countries.

  • It of Biblical significance to us

  • Finally, "F.C" means "Football Club" to the world, but to us it means "For Christ”.